The Gospel, the Good News, as recorded by John, ‘the Disciple whom Jesus loved’. John 21: 20-25

As we conclude this study of the Gospel of John,  I pray that it has been a blessing to you, as it has for me, to walk together with the Apostle John as he recorded his life with Jesus.  We see him called from the life of a Fisherman, and along with James, his brother, devote the rest of his life to Jesus as Fishers of Souls for Him.  He always referred to himself  as “The Disciple whom Jesus loved.”  To my knowledge, he is the only one who called himself that, but I believe that is how we should all see ourselves; for that is truth.  When we accept Christ as Savior and Lord, and become His Disciple, we become a ‘Disciple whom Jesus loves’.(Jesus loves us all, but we are not all His disciples.)  But, back to John, he and James, along with Peter were considered to be among the inner circle of Jesus.  This may have been why he considered himself ‘set apart’, but the fact is we are all ‘set apart’ when we ask Christ to come into our lives, and we become a Temple for His Holy Spirit.  .

In the 4 Gospels in the Word, (the Good News), the Scriptures as we know them, we find a blending of events, sometimes told differently to emphasize that different people see, and hear, different things when telling about an event.  If every word was the same, we would know they were comparing notes instead of just reporting what they saw or heard.  That is why we must read all 4 of the Gospels, and remember there were others written as well, such as Thomas, and different details were included in different writings.  The main thing the Holy Spirit was bringing to surface was the fact the event happened.  Told by the author in different ways brings different details.  As we read them all, we can see a much clearer picture than we would if there was only one account.
I like what one narrator said about John’s writings.  He said, “John provides teachings of Jesus found nowhere else.  This is the most theological of the four Gospels.”   John’s main point as he wrote was to show that Jesus is the true Son of God, and that He was/is the long awaited Messiah. That forgiveness of sins was brought unto us by His blood and death, and resurrection.  John points out that Jesus was and is the bread of life, the water of life, the light of the world, the gate, the door, the great shepherd, the healer, and wonderful counselor.  He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. That Jesus came that we might have life, and have it abundantly. To Know that All things that came, and all things that will come, came ‘through Him’.  All things come from the Father, and He decreed that all things that have come and will come will be through Christ Jesus as we go forth.  He is our forever Messiah, our Savior,  and intercessor.  He sits on the throne beside Most High. He meets and provides for our every need. He decides what that need is.  He provides unconditional Love,to enjoy and let it pass through Him  He will never leave us or forsake us.  His plans for us are to prosper us – to give us hope and a future here on earth as He teaches us and grows us. When we leave this life, He will escort us to Heaven where we will spend the rest of eternity with Him, and Abba Father, and the Holy Spirit. Thus says the Word,

As The Apostle said, “Jesus did many other things as well.  If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world not have room for the books that would be written.” John 21:25

Let us share the Gospel of John, and all the Good News written down by those called by the Lord to do so.  Let us share it, and live it with those in our lives as the Lord opens the door to invite us in to tell of His Love, and all that He has done and will do for each of us as we journey on.💚
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