“Those Who Know Your Name, Lord, Will Put Their Trust In You” Psalm 9

Hello Beloveds of our God of Love,

Getting to know someone intimately means getting to know them in all ways – in how they think about things and in what you can expect from them. Our Lord God of Love has names that are specific in meaning, and we have learned that we can expect those things from Him as we call HIs name.

As pointed out in Joseph Prince yesterday, “Each of the names of God has a divine attribute, and understanding and believing that He IS each attribute will cause that attribute to flow into our lives.”

For instance in Psalm 91, in the NIV, verse one, the Holy Spirit says, “Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most HIgh will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.” In verse 91:2, He says, “I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”  In Hebrew, “Most High” is ELYON which means He is the Most High God and there is No one higher than Him.  He is the possessor of heaven and earth. He is called the “Almighty” – EL SHADDAI – in this verse which means the God who blesses you with more than enough, more than you can contain because He has no limitations. Psalm 91 (which to me means the Holy Spirit spoke it to one who could write it down for us) goes on in verse 2, saying, “I will say of the Lord.” I believe Here He is referring to YEHOVAH, or YAHWEH, the Covenant keeping God. Jesus is our Covenant Keeping God. His name in Hebrew is YESHUA which means Yahweh SAVES. He saves us into heaven through the cross which is our ultimate destination, but as His Name points out He saves us to a level above the natural human level while we are passing through in the journey on earth. He came to this earth and showed Himself clearly, so that we can call on Him to Save. He saves us if we are ill, He saves us if we are in need, He saves us from enemies, and the list goes on. Yahweh Saves. Jesus SAVES!!!

Let us awake each day with this truth in our heart, and in our thoughts. Jesus is our Covenant keeping God of Love that came to this world to Save us. When we Asked Him into our heart He made a Covenant with us. That is why we greet Him, and Ask Him to walk with us first thing every morning. This is not to Ask Him to Save us to Heaven; we have that Covenant with Him which came into place when we asked Him into our life, and gave Him our heart. The morning Ask is to Save us in every other way we may need. It is to bring us to a level that only He can bring us to. We walk on this earth, but in Christ we are always walking above this earth as we journey on. He saved us at the Cross as He died for us to be able to do that. He proved His LOVE as He gave His life. He proved His ability to overcome death, or anything else that might come against us at His Resurrection. As we Believe in Him with all that we are, and never doubt that He is ‘Elyon’, Most High, that No one is, or can be higher than Him – that He is ‘El Shaddai’, The Lord Almighty, and that He is our Best Friend, the Friend that never leaves our side, we are opening our heart and mind for and to a great day because He has put it together specifically for us. Other people are involved, of course, but He has created a role for us that only we can play. How exciting.

More on His names next week. Trust in them All.

Poppa B.

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