Meet Poppa

Hello, may I introduce myself to you?

My name is Carroll (C.O.) Farmer. They call me Poppa. I have been a Christian since 1969. I was 29 years old when I accepted Jesus Christ and was born again.  The change in my life was from dark to daylight though I had a long way to go. The Lord immediately called me to ‘Teach the Word’ even though I had no background in the Church, nor had ever even read the Bible. He opened the Scripture for me, and the Holy Spirit illuminated the Bible to me so that it read as clear as today’s newspaper.  I began to teach, and soon to preach as a Layman.

The Word became a “Lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” (Psalm 119:105)
I taught the Word in many different places.  In Church, in Sunday School, Home Bible Studies, Jail Ministry,  and in many denominations.

In addition to running a retail business, I also served as Interim Pastor in several churches over the years.  The Lord has given me the heart of a pastor and teacher.

Though they had made a profession of faith in Christ, my children were not “in church” at that time, and I wanted them to have the knowledge, and wisdom, that comes from reading and hearing the Word.
I started the on line messages for them and the ‘Abundant Life Christian Fellowship On Line’, evolved from there as the Lord sent many others to receive the Word.

The Lord has called me to share His love, and to be a “Barnabas” which translates to “Son of Encouragement.” I pray that you will be blessed, and encouraged to ‘live life abundantly in Christ Jesus’, as you take the Word of God into your heart.