A time to say Goodbye, but my heart, and Love is always with you. See you in Heaven.

This week is not ‘normal week’ for me, and mine.  We are not sending our ‘normal’ message, but a message of God’s Love for each of us to remember the Ones who have gone on, and will be waiting for us when we get to Heaven. May it be the same for each of you who have lost ‘Loved Ones.’

My wife Joy, passed away on May 2, at 3 A.M. of this year. After a great career in Teaching, where she was proclaimed as ‘one of the best’. She had been sick for several years, and had been under Hospice Care for some time. I was privileged to be with her, and never left her side for many months at the end of our 64 years together as a married couple, and 68 years of romance. My two Children, and my Grandson were incredible, and gave their life to us taking turns to be with us. I shall never forget what they did, and what they do. I now am living with my Children, and enjoying each day – one day at a time. That is all each of us have. One day at a time until it is time to say ‘Goodbye’. I know that we all want to make every day count as being ‘one of the best’.

Joy’s Sister Linda, passed away last month. She had been in School, and Police Work for over 30 years, and was greatly loved and appreciated. She had  been in a Nursing Home for the last few years, and had gone through cancer three times, as well as dealing with other issues. But regardless of what she was going through, she was beautiful to talk to, and talk with. My kids, Tam, and Jay, and I visited with her a few months back and had a wonderful, beautiful time as we all knew it was time to say ‘Goodbye’. 

Both Joy, and Linda were cremated. We will have their Services this week. Linda’s Service will be tomorrow, Thursday, and Joy’s will be Friday. Linda’s Service will be in Lewisville, Tx. where she had lived for many years.

Joy’s Service will be in a little town called Avalon, Tx. which is about 30 miles from Dallas, where we all grew up. Linda and Joy had been there since they were ages 8, and 9, when their Dad passed away. I had been there since I was 6 years old when we moved there from East Texas. It was home.

 It will be a time to say “Goodbye” to each of them, but we will think of them, and love them dearly daily, and see them in Heaven.

Please keep us all in your prayers as we make this week a very special time. We love you, and appreciate each of you.❤️🙏

Poppa B.