“And they began to make merry.” Luke 15:24

As we read the parable of the Prodigal Son told by Jesus, and recorded in the gospel of Luke, 15:11-32, it is a beautiful picture of love, forgiveness, and restoration.  This is what our God- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is all about.  We know the story, but to look back on it from time to time is uplifting, and inspiring.

The Father in the story is symbolic of course of our Heavenly Father, and His goodness to His two sons was all they could hope for.  The older son in the story represents “the good side of us, the good child,” who works to do exactly what we think the Father desires or requires.  The younger son represents the rebellious, arrogant, and independent side of us when we think “we will just do it our way.”
As we read,  we see both sons were misunderstanding their Father’s love and goodness.  We see the younger son, instead of going to his Father for wisdom and advice, said, “I want it all, and I want it now.”   He was granted that, along with the grace and opportunity to make some mistakes.   But even while he was finding himself, the Father looked for him to come back every day because He believed in him.  It was only the reality of finding himself in the pigpen of life that he had created by the path he had chosen that made him “come to himself.”  He knew his Father loved him, and would not turn him away if he went back to him even though he had sinned greatly against him.  The son had no idea however how great the celebration would be when he did come home.  He expected to lose his place in the family.  But, He went.  When the Dad saw him from far off,  He Ran to meet his Prodigal son, put on him the royal robe of the family, the ring of authority, and shoes on his feet.  Because He went back to the Father, He was fully restored to his place as a son, and rightful heir, “and they began to make merry.”  All he had to do was to go back, and say, “I blew it, Dad.  I am sorry.   Can I come home?”  The answer is always, “Yes.”
At another time we will discuss the older Brother.  There are just so many gems of wisdom and pockets of gold in this one parable, we will have to come back to it.  But I encourage you to read it again, and meditate upon the love of the Father – our Father.  As we do, the sweetness of His love flows in our spirit, and we too will begin to “be merry.”
Blessings and love to you, and yours, my Friends.  May you walk in His perfect health, and in His divine wealth of peace and prosperity in all things. He loves you So, no matter what!


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