“As for God, His way is perfect.” Psalm 18:30

Is it wrong to be angry or frustrated with God?

This is a question believers should address, because many of us blame Him for the trials and losses we experience in our lives.  Sometimes, whether spoken or unspoken, we are angry because He does not step in and change our situations.  Often that kind of thinking makes us pull away from or run away from the Comfort we need – which is Him.  And often the worst part of such thinking is that we begin to doubt God’s Goodness.
Author, James Denison, addresses this anger and frustration toward God in some of his writing.  He refers the reader to the Biblical account of  the Prophet Jonah, a whale, and a beautiful example of God’s grace.  You will recall God asked Jonah to go preach a message of repentance to the Ninevites because their wickedness had come before Him, and it was about to bring destruction upon them.  Jonah did not want to preach repentance to them, because he felt the Ninevites should be destroyed.  As we read in chapter 4 of the epistle, we see Jonah ‘judging God’, because God had chosen to forgive the Ninevites after they turned to Him from the message Jonah delivered.  Jonah was so upset at God he wanted to die.
We may find ourselves being a Jonah from time to time, judging God because things did not go as we wanted, or absolutely felt they should, and being very angry with Him.
A great message comes from the book of Job.  The story of Job teaches us to trust God under all circumstances.  We must trust God, not only WHEN we do not understand, but BECAUSE we do not understand.
Yes, it is wrong to be angry or frustrated with God.  No doubt most of us have been there, but there is no value there, and we must quickly move away from that darkness.  We must remember that God is sovereign, God is Love, God is Good, God is Perfect, and God is God.  We must trust that he does not make mistakes.
Even if He did stop and explain all of our “why” questions I am not sure that we could understand it all here in this earthly world.  Our minds may not be big enough to take in all the answers and explanations that He would have to give.  There are so many things we do not see, and sometimes do not agree with God about, we simply have to come to this truth: “His Way is perfect,” and that is what we need to remember.  Let us accept His Way, and trust that it is always the right way.  At some point we will see it.  ‘Father knows Best.’
Blessings upon you, and yours, God’s Beloveds.  God loves you So.  Walk in His Peace


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