“Be transformed by the renewing of your mind” Romans 12:2

The definition of the word “transform” from Webster’s is:  ” a change in structure, appearance, or character.”   There are several ways to transform something.  We can change the appearance with a re-model on the outside. We can change the structure, and rooms within.   We have seen people be transformed in appearance with plastic surgery.  We have seen  buildings, vehicles, and many other things be transformed by altering or adding on something, or taking something away; and the list goes on.  All of this is something we can see, and all of it is something that can be changed again.  But the only way a permanent transformation can happen is from the renewing, the transforming of the object, or the person, and sealing the change within by God Himself.

 This is what happens when the transformation of  a true character change takes place.  This is what happens when we are born again after accepting Christ as Lord   We may look the same as before in body, but when we are born again in soul, and spirit, our mind has been renewed; we think differently.  We have been transformed into a new creation.  Old things have passed away – All things have become new within.  Things that were important to us before are not.  Things that were not important to us before take first place in our lives.  We begin a transformation of understanding what is real.  Of what we will use our body, and mind for that we would not even consider doing before.  Things within begin to change.  We are transformed as we begin to ‘grow up’- as our mind is renewed with faith, and truth, and Love.  As we come to realize that Jesus, and all that He is, is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  We come to know the Love of our Abba Father, and the Sweet Holy Spirit, and the Amazing Christ Jesus as we are being transformed by the renewing of our mind.  We become stronger each day as we keep our hearts and minds open to Him, and all that He is.  How blessed we are when we learn that no matter what tries to come against us, victory is ours in Christ.
The enemy is ever trying to take a place in our heart and soul, but as our mind has been renewed, we know without question that he cannot.  No matter what he says, and no matter how it may look. We must remember we are sealed in the Holy Spirit until the day of redemption; and this evil person trying to get in is a liar and a thief.  He will say and try anything to try to convince us he can take over our mind and our body, and we will yield to him.  That was true before we were transformed, but not now.  He knows that, and he is a liar.  Our power to stand against him is in the love of Christ Jesus that is within us.  In that love is where we are to live.  In that love is where sound decisions are made.  In that Love is where we are privileged to live with Him because we have have been transformed to be as One with Him.


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