“Do justly, love mercy, walk humbly with your God.” Micah 6:8

On Monday of this week, Family, Friends, and Church Family had a beautiful Celebration Service as we said Goodbye to our little Brother who had gone home the Wednesday before from the big “C” word.  He was only 57, and it was a shock to us all.  He lived about two weeks after it was discovered.  He was the baby in my wife’s family.  Being married to one of his big sisters for 59 years gave me the privilege of knowing him all of his short wonderful life.

He was a ‘son’ of mine in the Lord.  I had led him to Jesus when he was just a lad, and what an example of ‘loving the Lord’ he was as he grew into a man.  Each part of his life saw him grow more deeply into his walk with the Lord, and into a man of love for all those in his life.  He was a loving son to his widowed Mom, a loving brother, a revered uncle because of being born late in his Mom’s life and was not much older than his nieces and nephews and was a hoot, a loving husband and father, a devoted friend and christian brother, a videographer, a small work writer, director, and T.V. producer, who had nothing but positive things to say about anyone he talked about or filmed.  He exemplified Micah 6:8.  “He did what was just. He loved mercy.  He walked humbly with the Lord.”  Was he perfect in this life?  By no means.  But he was perfect in the Lord’s eyes because the Lord saw Jesus when he looked at him.  We know where he is now, and we shall join him there some day along with all those who welcomed him home.  A short life well lived.  As was our Lord, Jesus.
His life reminds me of an article published about a man that was a friend of another Brother in Law.  The title of the work was “A Great Man Walked Here.”  It spoke of an ordinary man that never ran for office, or sought attention, but that touched lives deeply by the way he lived.  He led by deeds–by extraordinary example. It pointed out that a person is great not by wealth or title or any earthly distinction, but by integrity of action in daily life; one is great who does what they know to be right, who shows love and compassion for his fellow man, who cherishes their mate, and their children.  Who leaves a legacy –of duty, decency, gentleness, and generosity.  This described Joel well.
Here is truth.  We live this life one day at a time, and we never know what that last day will be.  So, let us purpose to live each day as the Lord would have us to, and “Do the right thing.  Love mercy and kindness.  Walk humbly with our Lord in His great love, and use the talents He has given us for the good of all.  When we do, we shall live it well, and go home to Abba Father’s  “Well done, my child. Well done. Welcome Home.”


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