“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” Romans 12:21

There are many things that can hurt us in this life, and one of those is betrayal.  When someone we trust, and care about betrays us, it hurts in our soul, our spirit, and our body.  As someone put it, “It hurts to the bone.”  Our defense zone says, “Hit them back – Hard! They hurt me, I am going to hurt them.”

But as strange as it seems in the natural, Jesus showed us that we get the power over that person, or that situation, by returning good instead of evil.
He said to respond positively or kindly to someone who has hurt us.  That takes a regenerate heart to do that, but even though we may be hurting badly at the moment, we must let the Lord deal with that person or issue.
I know a Lady, a friend of mine, who is in the Music Industry.  She was a Booking agent for a premier Night Club, and was doing extremely well, and so was the Club.  But another “friend” wanted what she had, and went behind her back to talk the person who was Managing the Club into hiring her, and firing our friend.  (Don’t know what incentive she used, but she got it done.)  You can imagine the shock, and the pain of the betrayal, the loss of relationships, and the complete upheaval of life.  My friend was devastated.
Her family urged her to begin to pray for all those involved.  To pray for God’s Best – which was for them to come to Christ Jesus, give their heart to Him.  It took a while for that to happen, but it eventually did.
She began to gradually come to peace about it as she prayed for them, a peace that passes understanding because it is the Holy Spirit working within.  She gave them to the Lord to handle as He said He would, (Romans 12:18), and moved on with her life.  I won’t say what happened to the people, but the Lord did indeed deal with them.  She did indeed overcome evil with good.
Let us not be burdened down with resentment, or hate, or hoping something bad will happen to one who has hurt us.  Let us pray for that person.  Let us allow room for the Lord to work with them. He for sure will if we are praying for them. Let us trust Him to take care of us.  He is Good.  He is Always Good.  Let us overcome evil with good.
You are greatly blessed, highly favored, and deeply loved children of God.  Never be anything less..
Poppa B.


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