“For God so loved the world,” John 3:16

Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ Jesus as a man .  It is a time of love, and giving as we are reminded of the greatest of all gifts.  God’s grace.

The true light that gives light to every man has come into the world.  He came to live for us, and then to die for us, and then to become our intercessor as He sits on the throne of Grace beside the Father as the resurrected Savior.  All authority has been given unto Him in Heaven and on earth, and He is the King of Kings.  He did what He came to do.  He lives in victory.
Let us celebrate His victory as we celebrate Christmas.  Let us say, “Thank you Jesus”, and praise Him for what He has given us.  Let us give glory to our Father God who allowed this miracle to come unto us.  Let us live in victory by allowing His Spirit to fill us with love, and joy and peace, and patience, and kindness, and gentleness, and faithfulness, and goodness, and self control.  This brings glory to Him.  It has how we say “Thank You.”
MERRY CHRISTMAS, God’s Beloveds.
You are greatly blessed.  Enjoy.
Poppa B.
Abundant Life Christian Fellowship, On Line


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