“For the Word of God is alive, and active.” Hebrews 4:12

I love the Word of God.  I love Jesus Christ.  He is the Word, and He is always working to teach us, and grow us, and keep each of us on the path of real life through His Word.

The Word says that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.  May we remember daily, through Communion with Him, that He came to this world as a Son of Man, to have a body of flesh and blood, to face every temptation and weakness that we do, to become our Messiah, to provide and give to us eternal Life by giving His own in our place, to defeat death and be raised from death to walk in newness of life in the new body that we shall all be given.  He ascended back into heaven to sit upon the throne of grace to be king of kings, and Lord of Lords.  Father gave Him authority over all things.  All life comes through Him.
The Word says, His Holy Presence lives in our bodies.  He, (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) shares our body with us after we have invited Him in,  as we journey through this life. It is within this body that we find Oneness, and Fellowship with Him.  The body is where we learn of His righteousness, and the Kingdom of God. “For the Kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking , but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.”  (Romans 14:17)  When we come to a peace in our body of flesh, we are living in the Kingdom.
The Word says, the natural body is dead in spirit when we are born of the flesh because of the fall of man, but if we accept the call of God (John 6:44) when He draws us, and we open the door of our heart to Him, (Rev 3:20) we are born again in the spirit.   We then must begin to nourish our newborn spirit with the Word.  It is the Bread of life.   “For it is alive and active” and becomes as a ‘Nursemaid’ unto our spirit, and a teacher of our body of flesh.  The Word says of itself “it is sharper than a double edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. (Hebrews 4:12)  It is constantly working in us to grow us.
Through the unconditional love and grace of our Lord, and the Living Word being put into our body through our eyes, and ears, and spirit,  we begin to be transformed by the renewing of our mind. (Romans 12:2) We begin to know and understand the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God.  However without the Word of God being fed into our spirit, soul, and body, and the growth and power that comes from it, we are weak, and timid.  We lose many of the benefits that are available to the children of God because of worry, and anxiety.  We find it difficult to live totally in the kingdom, and to live in peace because the Word is simply left out of our lives most days.  We know the salvation of the Lord, but we do not know how to live the Abundant Life because we are not consistently going to the source that shows the Way, and provides the flow of all things.
The enemy does not want us in the Word, and will tell us lies to keep us out.  He knows Victory is in there, but as long as he can keep us out, he wins.  Don’t let him. The Word will fight our battles, but we have to show up to take it in.  May we do just that, my Brothers and Sisters in Christ.  My Family of God.
May The Lord’s abundant blessings and grace and peace, health and prosperity flow into you, and through you and yours, God’s Beloveds.  You are greatly loved.
Poppa B.


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