“From the Fruit of their mouth a person’s stomach is filled.” Proverbs 18: 20-21

Greetings of Love to you, Brothers and Sisters in our Lord of Love.  ?  We all know there is a time of sowing, and a time to reap what we have sown. Are we sowing Good Seed?

Growing up on the farm gave me an opportunity to understand sowing, and reaping, and what needed to be done between the two. First we had to have good seed to plant. We planted, but we did not just wait until the crop was ready to be harvested, and then go do it.  We worked the needs of the crop. That involved weeding, or plowing the land, or putting out things that would protect the crop, always doing whatever was necessary until it was time to enjoy the harvest.  A great lesson of life to always remember. We must always protect what we sow to make it into something very good to reap. That is product, words, wisdom, action, all important things.
Our Pearl of Wisdom today, Proverbs 18, talks about WORDS, and the abundant harvest that can come if words are spoken properly. Good words are good seeds to sow.  The Word says:  “From the fruit of their mouth, a person’s stomach is filled; with the harvest from their lips they are satisfied. The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.”  Proverbs 18: 20-21
There is ‘power’ in the tongue. Remember, The Lord is the spoken Word. He has put amazing and wonderful power in our tongue as we speak. It can turn things to good, or it can turn things to not good. Just as we always knew there was the potential for a great crop when we planted, we knew we had to be on top of what needed to be done to have the crop we desired. So it is with the tongue – the fruit of the mouth comes from the tongue, and we have to always be careful to use it wisely. When we do, and as we do, good shall come.  This takes planning, and thinking, and looking at needs, and lots of prayer. If bad rains came, or if the right amount came, or if little rain came, each presented a different need. So it is with the tongue, we must meet different needs as we see them come. We must gauge circumstances and always be aware of the power of life and death that is in us, and use it in words of love as we speak in attempts to help. As we do, great and wonderful things are produced from those words. We are filled within by the divine Love that is produced, and those to whom we speak are filled with it as well.  As the Word says, “From their mouth a person’s stomach is filled, and SATISFIED.”  So is the one to whom we speak. What a marvelous gift we are given to use every day.
Blessings and Love upon you, and all those in your life, precious Brothers and Sisters. Let us bring forth satisfying fruit to those in our lives every day with good words.
Love you So.?
Poppa B.


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