??? Ring the Bell, and Shout out the Good News.  It is celebration time!!!?

This is the Day the Lord has made; this is the day we honor the Mothers in our lives.  Of course this should be done every day, but today is the Official day on our Calendars.
A Mother is typically of the female gender, but the expression ‘to Mother’ is one who cares for or protects.  As a Mother, this of course can be male or female.  There are ‘Mr. Moms’ who do an exceptional job of Mothering; so as we discuss, and honor Mothers, we honor all who do this remarkable work.
We have all heard and read stories of what ‘the Mother’ has done to protect the young ones they are responsible for.  Of phenomenal strength that comes when needed even to the point of lifting a car off a child, or fighting off incredible danger to save their lives, or of being the one who is left standing with the kids when a home breaks up.  Or in the case of Mother Nature, where it is usually the Mother who provides for the babies until they are ready to go on their own.
In Proverbs 31 the Word says,  The Mother’s children “arise to honor the Mother, and to call the Mother blessed.”  This is how it should be.  Anyone who takes on the role of a Mother, be it the Birth Mother, Adoptive Mother, Step Mother, Foster Mother, or principal Care Taker as some Brothers or Sisters become, should be honored today, and every day.   Filling the role of Mother is a divine role, and the role that effects the one being Mothered above all with the exception of the Father.
We honor all Mothers today, and ask our Lord to bless them in all things, and in all ways.  Bless them in their going out, and in their coming in.  Bless all that they put their hearts and hands to.  May they know they are highly favored because they have been awarded this role; they are unconditionally loved by our God of Love, and all who truly know them.
THANK YOU, MOTHERS.  You represent the Love of The Most High.  YOU ARE THAT LOVE.  ?  HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!


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