Happy New Year, Beloveds of God! ?

2022 will be here tomorrow night. And here we are still navigating life in a global pandemic. Every day brings new concerns but we must remember we’ve made it this far and we will make it through because God is with us.
The Word tells us how, and why, Almighty God became a human named Immanuel which literally translates to ‘God with us.’
He reduced Himself totally into the form of a seed planted into the womb of a woman and entered this world exactly as we do. He went on to live a life full of challenges just like we do. He did it that way so that we would know that there is nothing we face that He hasn’t faced. He became one of us and lived the way He did so we could know for certain he relates to all of us.
And in the midst of all the challenges, He carried on with His grand purpose: To teach us, by example, how to love and the lengths that love will go to.
In the first chapter of the Gospel of John we are assured that “In Him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”
Jesus was both man and God. Just like us. And we can dare to say that because He told us again and again that we were like him, children of God, who existed in God and God in us. We are to receive that knowledge and walk with the same purpose our Jesus did, as lights, shining in the darkness of the world we inhabit.
And let us focus, too, on the rest of what John says. That the darkness has not overcome the light. That is our assurance that we will get through our challenges be they pandemic size or personal. We can overcome because He did. He showed us the way. The dawn will break. Of that we can be sure.
Keep walking with Him each day of this new coming year, and forever more. Exhibit love the way He showed us with all those in your life.
Let us put our hope and faith into our Lord of Love as we travel on. He is the answer to all questions and all our needs. He is the Word. He loves you dearly. He has shown us the way.
Love to you always.
Poppa B


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