Hi… I’m Back Through the Holy Spirit of Love…

Hello Precious Friends, 

I feel somewhat “back,” in no small part, because God’s Holy Spirit has carried me – through my children and so many of you. Thank you so much for your life-sustaining messages and gestures of love during the difficult process of deconstructing 68 years of life with my Joy. It is so beautiful to consider that this is one of the many functions of Spirit… to spread love in the world by working THROUGH us. My family has experienced this to astounding degrees these past months and made things more bearable. Please continue to pray for us as we “reposition” and know that I love you all dearly.

I am excited to return to our exploration of Spirit. Remember always that God positioned Christ on one side of Himself and Spirit on the other, each with a specific function.

When Christ’s earthly father, Joseph, considered quietly divorcing Mary, upon finding out she was pregnant prior to consummating their approaching marriage, an Angel appeared to him and told him not to. That what was conceived in her was of the Holy Spirit. The child was to be given a specific name and his function would be to save his people. Matthew 1 explains Joseph’s experience and verses 22-23 say: “All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had said through the prophet: The virgin will give birth to a son and they will call him Immanuel (which means “God with us”).

Our savior was half-God and half-human and lived the mortal half of his life showing us that we are designed the same. When his physical existence ended, His Spirit came to remain among believers… his family if you will… so that his all important work could be carried on. His Spirit was full of the qualities of Him who lived to love all in His path and teach them the secrets of life. He lived as a human to show us how to do it, then sacrificed his life so that the incomprehensible energy that is the Spirit of Him could begin fulfilling His own function: to move throughout life and begin touching generations with the concepts and actions born of Love. This would be the “stuff” we are to build our world with.

I’ve been blessed to receive such incredible examples of that work in these last months of navigating grief. I believe in the power of love and Spirit working through us more than ever. I look forward to continuing to explore this mighty presence on a more regular basis now.

Please continue to pray with me for the Ukraine, for all affected by the fallout of this horrific war, and for those in need in our own land. Let us think of how we can do our part to alleviate the suffering of others.