“In His Word, I put my Hope.” Psalm 130:5

As I write this note of midweek ‘normal word of encouragement’, my Grandson’s  High School is in ‘Lockdown’, because of a Bomb Threat.  The Police moved quickly to apprehend the person within the school, but they are now searching for a red backpack that might contain some kind of explosive device.  They will not allow the students to leave until the search is over.

I know that our Lord’s shield of protection is upon my Grandson.  He is a Junior there.   My daughter is there to pick him up when this is over.
Word just in.  They said they would allow 10 students at a time to leave so that they can be thoroughly searched.  There are over 3000 students in the school, and it will take a while to get everyone out, but no one was harmed.  Thank you Lord!
How sad it is that so much evil is attacking our Schools.  Our hearts are there, so evil tries to frighten us.
The ways of the world have moved the Word of the Lord out of our public schools, and left them open to evil.  So many of our children never hear of the love and way of the Lord.  So many have no relationship with Him nor even know that He is.  Consequently we now need Police walking the halls to keep our Babies safe.
The Word says, “I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in His Word I put my hope.  Jesus is the Word.  Our Hope is in Him.” Psalm 130:5
Let us do what we can to reach those we ‘can reach’ with the truth.  Our Hope is in His Love.  We must teach this truth to our own, and to those whom the Lord will open to us.
Our Lord’s Blessings and Love and Protection, and Provision, and Peace upon you, and Yours, my Friends.
I love you dearly.
Poppa B.


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