Jesus began preaching and teaching – His wonderful feats became known to the believers in the Book of Luke.

We continue our study of Christ in the Book of Luke. A beautiful picture of our Savior, in his role as Messiah, is unfolding. We see Jesus victorious in His trials with Satan and His amazing work as He began to teach in Galilee. We see him humbled by time spent in Nazareth where he was rejected by many in His home town community… Yet He perseveres with the purpose that drives Him. In Capernaum, in the Synagogues, fantastic feats are revealed as we see Him overcoming evil spirits and demons and healing many people. His fame is growing rapidly as is the awe of those that believed. The Word says this incredibly interesting thing:

“Moreover, demons came out of many people, shouting, “You are the Son of God!” But He rebuked them and would not allow them to speak, because they knew He was the Messiah.” Luke 4:41

Some may ask: Why didn’t Jesus want the demons to reveal who He was? Jesus wanted those listening to believe He was the Messiah because of His words, he’d been given a very specific message to deliver to the world. He wanted people to arrive at their faith based on His truth, not the words of demons. He also probably wanted to display His power over them. Perhaps, primarily, was the fact that Jesus was going to reveal His full identity when it was the appointed time. The demons called Jesus “Son of God” or the “Holy One of God.” They knew He was the Christ. But God’s plan was for Jesus to show himself to be the suffering servant before He was shown as the great King. To reveal His identity as King too soon would stir up the crowds with the wrong expectations of what He had come to do. 

He was “on mission.” He wouldn’t allow the demons to rush Him or the people He was sent to reach into anything other than God’s divine timing. The Word moves immediately into how Jesus stayed in God’s will. How he communed with His Father…

“At daybreak, Jesus went out to a solitary place.

The people were looking for Him and when they came to where He was, they tried to keep Him from leaving them. But He said, ‘I must proclaim the Good News of the kingdom of God to, and in, other places also because that is why I was sent.’ 

And He kept on preaching in the Synagogues of Judea.” Luke 4:42-44 Jesus was up and moving at daybreak. He had to get up very early just to get some time alone with the Lord. But here is one of the main things we need to see. If Jesus needed solitude and time for prayer and refreshment, how much more is this true for us? At daybreak, He went to a solitary place. We are taught He was both man and God. The man within needed time to connect to the God that dwelled within Him. For center, for balance, for purpose, and communion. We, each of us, need a special time with our Lord. At home, on the road, wherever we need to be, we must have a ‘special time’ with Him. Not necessarily a long time, just a time to talk to our Friend. He is always there within us. Always ready to talk.
Remember Jesus said, ‘I must proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom of God.” He wants us to proclaim the same. We are to proclaim the Good News to the World in the ways He provides. 

The Good News is that “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him.” John 3:16-17. That is our Heavenly Father’s provision to us who will believe. His son came to show the way.

Blessings and Love upon those living through these wars that are affecting so many throughout the world. Pray for wisdom, solutions, and peace for all concerned. 

Blessings and Love upon each of you as we go forth this week in our Lord’s Love and Care. 🙏 I love you dearly my Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus.

Poppa B.