Jesus has been placed above All Creation – All People and all Things. The Good News is He is our Best Friend. He is with us in every breath we take to bring good through us.

As we move into the new year, my continuing desire is to encourage and touch lives for our Lord of Love.  My desire is to bring truth to each of you that will bring what we all need as we walk and live in Victory in the great Trinity of our Father God of Love, our Beautiful Loving Savior Christ Jesus, and our Amazing Holy Spirit of Power, and Love.?

Last year before “the fall” in December that changed many things for me,  I tried to send a message of the Gospel, The Good News of our Lord’s Divine Love for you and me, on weekends.   I hope to be able to send the same kind of messages during the week going forward.  There are so many wonderful messages on Sundays from all denominations that we are beautifully covered as we “tune in” so I am impressed by the Holy Spirit to reach out to you with a message during the week.   I will not stay on one particular day, but attempt to send you an uplifting message of encouragement and truth during the week on one of the weekdays. If I miss a week, know there was or is a reason.   Your feedback is always greatly appreciated if there is something you feel would bless the Fellowship, and you feel we need to cover.
As most of you know, I passed out and fell on December 23 – Christmas Eve, eve.  My Christmas present from the Lord was the fact that nothing was broken, and that nothing came apart.  However, over the next month, there were days that went by without any memory of them.  I am so grateful to the Lord, and to my Family, and a wonderful Doctor for walking me through it all.   I was given much time to think of ways that I might change how I live, and serve.  I truly look at people in a different way now.  Each person, no matter what relationship I might have, or not have with them, is now important.  I deeply realize how Each person has been given a specific walk, and how I now feel for each one – whether I know them or not.  As the Lord brings them to my mind, or gives me things to see, or hear, or think, a quick prayer for their every need comes to me to pray without even thinking.  It just comes – I am blessed by it. I, of course, pray they are as well though they might not know why.
Each of us are creations of the Most High, and each of us are different.  That is evident by our physical fingerprints, and by our individual talents, and by the many other things we do and think that are just us.  Nobody else.  We are here on this earth, in this life, at this time, to bring certain things that only we can bring.  We can only do these things as we Ask Jesus into our lives to complete us, and give us the power and wisdom to do them.
As we come to receive that truth, we are given power and wisdom that will change the world as we apply it. It is literally why we are here.  But believing this is our choice.  May we believe it, and let it be so as we let our Lord work in the world through us.  May we realize that He who is in us has been placed above all Creation – all People and all things.  That does not say we are above all things,  but He who is – Is.   May we remember each moment that Jesus is our Best Friend, and wants to Bless us in all things, and in all ways, as Best Friends always do.  Let us walk with Him knowing He has brought with Him our Father of Love, and the Amazing Beautiful Holy Spirit to do amazing things. The Full Trinity lives in us as we live in Him. The power of all Creation is in us.  Let us walk in this knowledge and promise: “He who did not spare His own Son, but gave Him up for us all – how will He not also, along with Him, graciously give us all things?”  Romans 8:32.


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