Jesus in the Wilderness. (Luke 4:1-2)

In Chapter 4, Luke brings us to the time when Jesus began his ministry. He was just 30 years of age moving into this life altering time. This is when He began the transition from sinless man to the status of our Lord. But it was not an easy move. Satan was waiting for Him and did everything in his power to not let this happen. Our attention is turned to what our Lord had to go through, shortly after his baptism in the Jordan river by John as discussed last week. This is where he steps into trials and all manner of temptation as both a man of flesh and a God. Jesus was both. Such a person had never existed before… it simply wasn’t part of consciousness then. Maybe the ultimate rock star of his day, this was Jesus’ gig: introducing the concept of what we really are and the strength we have within us. 

The Word tells us: “Jesus, full of the Spirit, left the Jordan and was led by the Holy Spirit into the wilderness, where for forty days He was tempted by the devil. He ate nothing during those days, and at the end of them He was hungry.” (Luke 4:1-2)

John witnessed the Holy Spirit come upon Jesus in that river. So, perhaps He was now “full of the Spirit” as never before. He was going to need that force within Him. Then the crowd in attendance heard the divine voice of God confirm Jesus was, indeed, His son in whom He was so pleased. 

We know Jesus lived his first 30 years as “the son of man,” as all assumed Joseph was his father. He was taught the ways of humanity. Existed as we do with, no doubt, the same appetites. Now God, Himself, has declared him as His own and given Jesus the presence of the Holy Spirit to provide strength and wisdom for the Satanic trials that waited for Jesus in the desert. 

His 40 day experience in that wilderness began with a food fast that would last for that long. As we start to look at what Jesus endured and overcame during this particular time, where He was being forged for His earthly ministry, we’ll explore how the presence of Spirit aided Him. Imagine how incredibly hungry He must’ve been. How hot. None of the gospels say whether He had access to water but regardless, just stop and consider the state He must’ve been in after just a few days, let alone 40. There are people who question the reality of the time span here. 40 days without food seems impossible… Perhaps not though when the Spirit of God dwells within and beside the man. And we must consider that where the Bible keeps repeating things, like the number 40 in reference to spiritual challenge, new life, a great task, well, The Word is making a point we’re to pay attention to. Consider Moses, Noah, and Jonah and each of their connections to “40.” I’m inclined to believe Jesus did, indeed, suffer and grow within exactly 40 days just as we’re told He did. Regardless, he was in a bad way physically and, just as it seems to go with us when we’re at low points, Satan thought it was a great time to tempt Him. And this he did. We’ll dig more into those temptations in our next message. 

Meanwhile, let us just praise our Lord for what He did for us and for what He does for each of us moment by moment once we choose Him as our Savior, our beacon, for all time to come. 🙏❤️

And let us always remember the needs of our brothers and sisters in Israel and Gaza. I do not know if these numbers are correct, but it is said that 29,782 Palestinians were killed in Gaza, so far, and 70,043 injured. Israel’s tolls are unknown in this source. For Ukraine and Russia the numbers are worse. Please pray for these tragedies playing out in our world. And for our own country.🙏

Blessings and Love to you and yours as we travel on. Let us live this life one day at a time, and live each day fully in the Lord as we go.❤️

Poppa B.