“Jesus returned to Galilee in the power of the Spirit, and news about Him spread through the whole countryside.” Luke 4:14

We continue our study of the life of Christ as He transitioned from the son of a carpenter to the Son of God at about 30 years of age. Luke tells us Christ was baptized by John the Baptist into what would be His new role as Savior of the world at that time. He tells us how the Holy Spirit came upon Jesus in bodily form as a ‘Dove’ of Love at His baptism, as our Heavenly Father spoke to HIm saying, “You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.” 

Luke then tells us of the 40 days in the desert wilderness where Jesus was constantly attacked and urged by the devil to get Him to deny the role of our God. He tells us how Jesus overcame each temptation to the point of victory even though He was offered authority and splendor of the world. Jesus was committed to fulfilling His role in His Father’s plan. There was nothing of this earth Satan could give him that would compare with what God would ultimately give Him. 

The devil then left Jesus and Christ returned to Galilee as our Lord of Life. His new role as Savior of the World had begun.

The Word says, “Jesus returned to Galilee in the power of the Spirit, and news about Him spread throughout the whole countryside. He was teaching in their synagogues, and everyone praised Him.” (Luke 4:14-15)

How amazing and wonderful these ordaining events were for our Lord. He had been a good man all of His life. The Word says He never sinned. But this was beyond anyone’s thought except His Mother. She knew who He was. Perhaps He was a great Bible teacher, but no one knew except Him, and Mary, that He was the true Son of God. The Word tells us that then “He was teaching in their synagogues, and everyone praised Him. News spread about this man of God throughout the whole countryside.”

Christ’s defeat of the devil in the desert was decisive but not final. Throughout His ministry, Jesus would confront Satan in many forms as do we. Temptation can be a near constant thing. We need to be constantly on guard against the devil’s ongoing attacks. We need to walk every day in faith with the Lord Jesus – fully aware of how much we need Him and how we can trust a divine love like the one He proved He loves us with. The enemy never stops trying to get us to sin. That is his greatest desire.

What is there in life that would, or could, cause us to compromise our faith? Whatever it is – sexual temptation, financial needs, fear of alienating or offending someone – we must be prepared. These and many other things most likely will be placed in our path at some point. The enemy wants to destroy believers to the best of his ability or at least neutralize us through sin, shame, and guilt. We must always remember that when temptation rears its seductive head we must do exactly what Jesus did. We must rely on the Word of God. We must stay strong in our commitment to Him. As it did for Jesus, the temptation will pass as we do these things. On this we can rely. 

Blessings and Love upon each of you… As we continue on through this holy week of prayer and thanksgiving to our Lord for what He did for us, may we always remember how much He Loves us.❤️ Let us never forget how He was taken and beaten beyond anything we can imagine on a Thursday night after the Lord’s Supper with His Team. He did it for us. May we alway remember that He was nailed to a Cross on Friday morning, and hung there for about six hours until He gave up His spirit and and died for us there. Let us always remember that He then journeyed into Hell for us. He took our place there and unlocked the constraints on the captives there. He was joined by our Father and the Holy Spirit. He took the ‘keys of the kingdom’ from the devil, and He came back to earth for us on Sunday as our Lord and Savior forever. Let us celebrate all of that as we go forward together in His Love. 🙏❤️ 

While we consider these things let’s please continue to pray for those enduring all manner of war and its consequences throughout our shared world. 🙏

Happy Easter to you and all of yours.❤️

Poppa B.