“Jesus teaches with Authority and Power.” Luke 4:36

In last week’s message, Jesus had gone back to Nazareth after His Holy Baptism where He was blessed by our Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit… and called to be the Messiah. He had defeated the devil in HIs 40 days of trial in the wilderness. Nazareth was where He had lived most of His 30 years as the son of the carpenter, Joseph, and his mother, Mary. Where He’d worked as a carpenter Himself. The skepticism He was met with upon his return to his hometown couldn’t have been easy. But with His growth and training there concluded, He was now on His way to fulfill His destiny. As Messiah for the world. One who would show the people they could overcome evil. He began to teach mightily in His new found power of The Spirit. The Word says:

“Then He went down to Capernaum, a town in Galilee, and on the Sabbath He taught the people.They were amazed at His teaching because His words had authority.” Luke 4:31-32

Capernaum was a thriving city with great wealth as well as great decadence. Because it was the headquarters for many Roman troops, word about Jesus could spread all over the Roman empire from there. He was teaching as the Anointed One, the Messiah, from then on. The Word continues:

“In the synagogue there was a man possessed by a demon, an impure spirit. He cried out at the top of his voice, ‘Go away! What do you want with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are – the Holy One of God!’

‘Be quiet!’ Jesus said sternly. ‘Come out of him.’ Then the demon threw the man down before them all and came out without injuring him. All the people were amazed and said to each other, ‘What words these are! With authority and power He gives orders to impure spirits and they come out!’

And the news about Him spread throughout the surrounding area.” Luke 4:33-37

The people were amazed at Jesus’ authority to drive out demons. These demons were evil spirits ruled by Satan and sent to harass people, tempt them to sin, and try to make them destroy themselves. As you know, demons are fallen angels who have joined Satan in rebellion against God. Jesus faced many demons during His time on earth, and He always exerted authority over them. There was never any question as to who was in charge, but Satan and his team of demons kept trying until the end.

There is no doubt that evil still permeates our world and works through people – we see it daily. We need not be fearful, however, when we know our Savior personally. Jesus’ power is far greater than Satan’s. Jesus has overcome all evil. Including Satan himself. Call on Jesus and walk with Him every step we take on this journey here. He will never disappoint. All authority and power is His. And therefore ours. He, the Holy Spirit, and our Heavenly Father take every breath and every step with us if we invite them in. Let us walk in Their Peace.

Lord, we ask that you be with those who are in the wars of horror that are going on right now. Help them as only You can. Work through us to that end.

Blessings and Love upon each of you and yours, my Brothers and my Sisters in the Lord.

Poppa B.