Listen, and in the end you will be wise. Proverbs 19: 20

The Book of  Wisdom, Proverbs 19, verses 20-21.

Verse 20 says:
 “Listen to advice, and accept instruction, and in the end you will be wise.”
It is not easy to listen.  I am not sure why the Lord made us this way, but my guess is He wanted it to be something we learned to do.  A matter of growing and maturing.  A ‘must do’ part of the sanctification process after we trust Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
When we are old enough to walk and talk, we want to do things our way.  Usually one of the first words out of our mouth is the word ‘NO’, as someone is trying to tell us something.  Again, part of our creation. Part of learning ‘who to listen to’, and ‘who not to’.
I am blessed with a wonderful Grandson.  He is a V.P. of the National Junior Honor Society, and makes great grades. Mostly all A’s.  If he does fall below an A, and we ask him what happened, his usual reply is, “Guess I just wasn’t listening.”  If he listens, he gets it.
We have a 5 Point Plan that we agreed upon.  I ask him about it just enough to keep it fresh, and hopefully in use most of the time.  It is: 1. Listen., 2. Learn. 3. Apply., 4. Grow., and 5. Be the Best you can be.  I try to use that plan as well.  It lines up with this verse.
Verse 21, is one of my favorites.  It says:
 “Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”
I delight in the fact that the Lord has taught me to keep a loose agenda.  I have plans for the day, but I am always delighted when He has me go right, through circumstances, when I was planning on going left; and puts things in the day that I had not planned on.  Things popping up, or keeping me from what I had in mind on my timetable used to irritate me.  Now when that happens I know He has something else for me to do that day that I had not planned on, and that He has a purpose for.  He keeps it exciting.
As an example, last Sunday I went with my Son on an out of town trip.  He was working as a D.J. for a Wedding out in the country in another town.   We got there around 9 A.M. after driving about 100 miles.  After he loaded in his equipment, he told me to be back around 4:30 that afternoon to pick him up.  I headed to town.  This is a ‘Tourist Town’, and I was going to check out some things I had heard about.
First I thought I would crab a bite to eat, and do some reading.  I had brought my Bible to read as I knew I would have the day to read and relax.  The place I pulled up to was not open until 11.  So, I took my Bible and started walking to check out some things.  Across the street was a Winery. Had never been in one, so I thought I would check it out.  As I walked to the door, a sign said they were not open until noon, and it said there were not public Rest Rooms.  Go to the MarketPlatz for that.  So I continued to walk, still looking for a place to eat and read a while  Saw a sign that said Restaurant down the street.  But when I got there, there were so many people waiting, I decided to keep walking. By then I needed to use the Facility, and just ahead was the MarketPlatz.  So, I took the opportunity, and as I was sitting on the stool reading I heard a Church Bell.  After I had read a bit, and done my thing, it was about 10:40.  Decided I might check to see if there would be a Church nearby that I could slip into the Morning Service.  I walked toward the end of the block I had two choices  To my left was a Church.  To my right was a Church – I went right.  As I walked up to the little Church building, it was 10:44.  The Outdoor Sign said this was a “Bible Church”, and the Service started at 10:45.  I walked in.  It was a small but beautiful building.  No Choir. No Band. We sang a couple of hymns, and then the Pastor came to teach. I heard the most Fantastic Message I have ever heard on the 7th Chapter of Romans.  The ultimate struggle between the flesh, and the spirit of man.  Something every person has to deal with. He handled this subject greater than I have ever heard.   He had a large screen behind him, and equipment that would allow him to post the points he wanted to make on the screen for all to see.  He referenced every point with scripture that supported each point, and wrote notes on the scripture as he went.  He was dynamic in presentation, and I could go on.  He taught for an hour, and I was captivated. I thought several times, “How could this tiny Congregation have a Preacher-Teacher of this magnitude.?”  I know not the answer to that question, but I know without a doubt the Lord directed me to that Service to hear His Word.  It was His purpose that I be there.  100 miles from home.  Never expecting to be there – but the Lord’s purpose prevailed.
Let us always be open to listening.   We will learn, and if we will apply, we will grow, and become wise.  Great blessings shall come our way, for the Lord always has them stored up in abundance for us who trust Him, and His Way.
May you be blessed, comforted, and greatly encouraged by the truth of the Word, my Friends.
I love you, my Brothers and Sisters – God’s Beloveds.
Poppa B.



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