Message of Love through the Holy Spirit

Hello LovesπŸ’š

Just a short note from me, and I will turn the message over to my wonderful daughter Tamara Salem Moore, to complete as she has the time.

Just wanted you to know Tam took me to the Heart Doctor yesterday, and he says we MUST put in a Pacemaker, or the next time my heart stops for a bit, and I “fall out” for a few seconds with a very hard horrible fall to the floor, which has happened at least three times in the last few years, things could get so much worse.  I don’t want that for anyone – me included.  So, I have agreed to let them put in a Pacemaker. They will let me know as soon as possible when that will be – within the next few days.

Tam has been helping me with the messages for a while, and this will be nothing new for her. We are all SO grateful and thankful for all that she brings to the Word each week. She has been wonderful.  She is with us during this Med-Stretch, and beyond, and will bring you the Word, and the message our Lord of Love gives to her. I, of course, will be involved as we go. I love each of you SO.πŸ’šπŸ™πŸ’š           

Stay in the Word, and live it daily. You “make the difference” for us ALL.🌟         Again,I LOVE YOU SO.πŸ’šπŸ™

Poppa B.