“Preach the Word” 2 Timothy 4:2

Second Timothy is believed by many to be the Apostle Paul’s final letter to his “son in the faith.”

Thus, his writing here is a matter of great importance as he gently instructs his beloved young Preacher Son on more of walking the (Christian) walk.  We forget all too often that it is not just the preacher’s job to preach the Word, for we as ‘Believers’ are also called to proclaim Biblical truth, being ready at all times to share the love and teachings of God with others.  And you do not need to stand behind a pulpit to do so.
I don’t remember who said it first, but there is an old saying that comes to mind: PREACH THE GOSPEL AT ALL TIMES, IF NECESSARY, USE WORDS.   Yes, it is important to use words in “preaching the Word,” but it is also just as important to share our belief by the way we live our lives.  Our actions and behaviors should reflect what we believe because we must always be guarding our witness to others so that it will not be compromised.
Like Paul in his admonition to Timothy, we must be aware of the message we give to the world, whether spoken or unspoken.  Men, women, and even children are observing and reading the truths that we live out daily in our lives. In reality, we are both the message and the messenger.     So keep preaching….
May you and yours walk in the Abundant Blessings of unconditional love and the unmerited favor of our Lord as you “Preach the Word.”


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