Psalm 112 – Promises of our Lord of Love that are given for us to walk in.

Hello Precious Children of God.?  Some thoughts to consider, and live the Abundant Life in.

As we awake, and begin our day, may we always begin it with Praise and Thanksgiving to the Lord for being IN us – Living with us IN our being.  Let us think of Him, and address Him as Love for that is who He is. Let us speak to Him as Jehova: Father God of Love, Jehova: Sweet Savior Christ Jesus, Jehova: Sweet Holy Spirit of Power and Love, Jehova: Great God of Love in three Persons, Blessed Trinity.
Let us praise Him and give Thanks for all the things He has prepared for us for the day that is ours as we walk with Him in Love and Gratitude. Wisdom and accomplishment shall be ours as we do.
As we end our day, and prepare for bed, may we end it with Praise and Thanksgiving to our Wonderful God of Love for being in us every breath. Let us Thank Him for the day, and for all the things that were manifested. Let us thank Him for the time of rest and refreshment that is to come as we give ourselves to Him to totally do His work within as we sleep.
We know to do these things, but we sometimes let them get replaced with other things. Things that may have happened during the day, or things we are worried about that may or may not happen. Mostly things that are not important within proper perspective. We sometimes forget to keep every second in life a second that is in Fellowship with Him as we take the next breath, as we are making this journey together.
One of the best ways to have a great day, and a wonderful night, is to bring good thoughts into our minds from things that are available, realizing we have control of what we think. Of course the greatest thoughts available are from the Word. There are also many great Brothers and Sisters the Lord has raised up to put things out in writing to encourage and enlighten us. Finding the time to spend in the Word itself is always magical and beautiful. If not there, spending time in books authored by one of the talented men or women God has given gifts of communication to can bring His Word to us. It can be given to us in many ways – print or online books, audibles, videos, or many other ways.  Let us just be open to what and How He has for us to receive Good News from His Word for the day.
Today, I am impressed to share Psalm 112 with you. As we look at the Promises that are ours in this Psalm, we are reminded of the hundreds of Promises that are ours throughout the Word. The Word says He cannot lie, so take ALL of His Promises of Love at face value. This 112th Psalm does not have an Author shown, so to me the Author is without question the Holy Spirit. I encourage you to read it often. It begins with:
“Praise the Lord. Blessed are those who fear (that is who revere) the Lord, who find great delight in His Commands. Their Children will be mighty in the land, the generation of the upright will be blessed.  Wealth and riches are in their houses, and their righteousness endures forever.”  Psalm 112:1-3.  There are only 10 verses in this Psalm. I encourage you to read them all and be greatly blessed. Receive them into your heart, and mind. Know without question they are Promises of our Lord that are given for us to walk in. Receive His Promises daily.  You are a special Child, and He wants to “pet you up daily” with His Promises of Love for you. Rejoice and live in His Promises. Share them with the world wherever you are.?
You are greatly loved,


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