The Deity of Christ Jesus Shows Us Who We Are and How We’re Loved

Thank you for going with me through the short study of the Holy Spirit these last months. I loved the time we spent on it and pray you did as well. I wanted to focus on Him for a while to help us better see Him for who He is and what He does. Of course, we all see Him as a magnificent part of the Trinity we now return to – our Heavenly Holy Father, our Jesus Christ the Holy Son of God, and of course the Holy Spirit. This week I would like to address the Deity of Christ Jesus.

Deity, of course, means “divine nature.” The idea was magnified by Saint Augustine, a theologian whose writings were very influential in the shaping of Western Christianity. Deity comes from the Latin word for god: deus. Divine nature is believed to be ‘immortal goodness and immortal powerfulness.’

Quoting from an article, ‘Why the Deity of Jesus is Good News’ – “Jesus once said, ‘I and the Father are One.’ (John 10:30). This was an offensive statement to fellow Jews, so much so, they immediately picked up stones to throw at Him, not simply to injure, but kill. Why? Because in their mind, His statement was a violation of their religious laws and it was deserving of death. Yet Jesus calmly responded to their anger with a question, ‘I have shown you many good works from the Father; for which of them are you going to stone Me.’ (10:31.) His opponents made a striking response, ‘It is not for good work that we are going to stone you but for blasphemy, because you, being a man, make yourself God.’ (10:33)

They could not understand, or receive His statement of: ‘I and the Father are One.’ They only saw Him as a man like them.” 

Jesus was and is the one true God in human form. He was born from his mother, Mary, as every child is born into this world from its mother, but God was His Father. This is a core doctrine of the Christian faith. Yet the claim of His Deity, by Himself and His followers, was rejected by the Jews of His day which led to His crucifixion. We do not blame them. They did not know why, nor do they know today, but we see it all in Romans 11:25-29. The hardening within them was by design. Please read that scripture if you can. The idea of Christ’s divinity and the idea that follows, our own divinity, is a concept we’re only beginning to tiptoe around now. It’s a heady concept they weren’t ready for in ancient times. But Jesus came to show us who we are – children of God – beings born of the Divine through our human vessels.

If we are in God and God is in us, then our existence is, indeed, made of the stuff of divinity.

Jesus knew what the response to him would be. He began his ministry prepared for it. He did it for us because of His Love for us. Since the time of Christ until modern times, this truth has been continually fought against. By many. But the deity within Jesus shows us God is Love, what He is like up close and personal, and how far love will go. It is what the divinity within us is supposed to reflect. God’s desire is that all will come to Him because of His Love for us and that we be with Him forever. May that be so.🙏

We pray for the world and all in it today. Israel and Ukraine are in horrifying wars. This we know. What we do not know is where all this goes. For them, for all of us. So, let us pray for all of the children and men and women of God wherever they may be in the world. ❤️

Poppa B.