The Disciples of Jesus Pick Wheat on the Sabbath. (Luke 6:1-5)

Continuing our study in the Book of Luke, we move into Chapter 6. Luke writes:
One Sabbath Jesus was going through the grainfields, and His disciples began to pick some heads of grain, rub them in their hands and eat the kernels. Some of the Pharisees asked, “Why are you doing what is unlawful on the Sabbath?” Jesus answered them, “Have you never read what David did when he and his companions were hungry? He entered the house of God, and taking the consecrated bread, he ate what is lawful only for priests to eat. And he gave some to his companions.” Then Jesus said to them, “The Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath.” (Luke 6:1-5)
The Gospel of Mark quotes Jesus as saying, “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. So the Son of Man is Lord even on the Sabbath.” (Mark 2:27-28)
Jewish legal tradition had 39 categories of activities forbidden on the Sabbath – and harvesting was one of them. The Teachers of the law even went so far as to describe different methods of harvesting. One was to rub the heads of grain between the hands as the disciples were doing here. God’s law said farmers were to leave the edges of their field unplowed so travelers and the poor could eat from this bounty – thus the disciples were not guilty of stealing grain. Neither were they breaking the Sabbath by doing their work on it. Though they may have been violating the Pharisees rules, they were not breaking any divine law.
Jesus reminded them of what Kind David did on that occasion, when he and his men ate the consecrated bread. Their need had been more important than ceremonial regulations. Jesus was appealing to the same principle: Human need is more important than human regulations and rules. By comparing Himself and His disciples with David and his men, Jesus was saying, “If you condemn Me, you must also condemn David.”
Jesus used the example of David to point out how ridiculous the Pharisees’ accusations were. God created the Sabbath for our benefit. It was one of our Father’s many gifts to us. We must work but we are also encouraged to have designated times of rest. We are restored both physically and spiritually when we take that time to rest and focus on Him. In such a state we can serve life, in all our myriad ways, far better. For the Pharisees, Sabbath rules had become more important than Sabbath rest. Both David and Jesus understood that the intent of God’s law is to provide Love for Him and others in our life. Let this be so for each of us.
We continue to pray for the wars in our world and all those involved. May peace win and reign.🙏
Blessings and Love upon you and yours, my Brothers and my Sisters… Happy Father’s Day to all those doing the crucial work of parenting in all its forms. And a double shout out to any moms carrying that role alongside their own. We see and appreciate you! 🎉❤️
I realize some of us no longer have living fathers but I hope you have precious memories to fill the void. If not, remember how much your heavenly Father absolutely loves and adores you… how proud He is of you, His beloved child. ❤️
Poppa B.