The Lord delights in our well being. Psalm 35:27

In this journey of life, it is very important for us to keep perspective. That is to say we must keep the Truth as our compass. We must never listen to the lies of the evil one, or we will get off course and wind up in perilous waters.

When issues, and problems begin to pile up, and the enemy tries to throw as many hard things in to the mix as he can, we can become discouraged, and disheartened if we begin to focus on those things instead of the truth.  The truth is, “The Lord delights in our well being”.  He is right there beside us to walk us through it all, and to do the heavy part of the battle for us.  (2 Chronicles 20:17)  Our part is to get up every day knowing that He is there and acknowledging so, show up for the battle knowing He will fight it, do what we should, relax, and watch Him work it all out for us as we journey on.
Our Father God sent His Son, “through whom all things were made”, (John 1:3) to vindicate us.  He gave Him the name Jesus, for us to believe in, and call upon.  Christ Jesus lovingly came to redeem us, and to Shepherd us, to abundantly provide for our needs, to protect us from evil, to comfort us, to talk to us through His Word about His love, and His kingdom now and forever.  This is ours when we believe in Him. He sent His Holy Spirit to take care of us when he returned to heaven. (John 16:7) The Holy Spirit lives in our soul to teach us, and to counsel us, and empower us as we believe, and call on Him.
Father would not have done these things for us if He says, ” Welcome to life. You are on your own.  Sink or swim.  Let’s see how this all turns out.” The evil one tries to make us think that, but it is a lie. He of course is the father of lies, (John 8:44) – that is what he does.  He constantly tries to lie to us.  We must refuse to listen to him, and listen only to truth.
Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. (John 14:6)  He is our well being.  It gives our Father ‘delight’ when we receive what He has given.  Let us praise Him for His love and know that all is well whether we see it or not at the moment.  Press on.  Trust the compass. You are greatly blessed, God’s Beloveds. You are His delight.  Delight in Him.
In His Love,
Poppa B.


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