“The salvation of the righteous is of the Lord; Psalm 37:39

You may remember a news story from several years ago when a young man lost his mother-in-law, his two baby daughters, and his wife because a military jet crashed into the family’s home in San Diego, California. This young husband and father was devastated, of course, but he did not want people to blame the pilot, who survived the crash as he bailed out before the plane hit the home. The man said he knew the military pilot did all he could to stop it from happening before he bailed out. What strength of character was revealed here as this man lost everyone dear to him in one tragic moment!

The writer of one newspaper article said this reminded him of Horatio Spafford, who in 1873 sent his family ahead of him to Europe on a ship as he could not get away right then from his business. But that ship his family was on collided with an iron clipper and killed all four of his daughters, and his wife was found floating unconscious on a plank of wood. She did survive, but it was such an unspeakable tragedy. The wonder of all this is the fact that Horatio Spafford went on to write one of my favorite hymns It is Well With My Soul. And the news writer pointed out what we already know—the song speaks of “rest in the soul despite moments when ‘sorrows like sea billows roll.’”

For some, something like this causes them to question their faith and God’s goodness. Their sorrow seems way too heavy, and the pain is way too overwhelming. Dr. Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas says, “Faith IS NOT believing God will do what we want Him to do. Faith IS believing God is who He says He is and acting accordingly.” Furthermore, as Jeffress states, “God’s goodness IS NOT dependent on getting what we want; God’s goodness IS the very nature of who God is and encompasses all He does–regardless if we understand or agree.”

The questions we have may not be answered as we would like on this side of Heaven, but like the two men mentioned above, our faith will carry us through if we trust Him with the questions. He is Love. All we need to know is in that fact.


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