“The Sovereign Lord has given me a well-instructed tongue.” Isaiah 50:4

Hello God’s Beloveds, ?

While considering “gifts” from God, the “Gift of Speaking” is on my heart today. I believe the primary purpose of this particular gift is to offer encouragement. To use our ability to speak to build one another up and to provide answers to life’s tough questions. When we help in that way, we “lift” people into all that they have the potential to be. Or maybe we simply help them get through one more day and that is no small thing sometimes. But often we do not speak when given opportunities to pass on the secrets of peace because we don’t know how to say such things. Yet the prophet, Isaiah, once said: “The Sovereign Lord has given me a well – instructed tongue to know the word that sustains the weary. He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like one being instructed.” – Isaiah 50:4
For some the gift of speaking comes “naturally.” It’s a built in talent. For others, it can be developed. The Bible encourages us to desire the gifts. To ask for them. When we do, the Spirit of God transforms us in the process of receiving and utilizing them. His gifts are freely given in order for us to share the knowledge we possess with those in need of it. So often, we encounter those who believe in Jesus and His ways, or want to, but do not grasp the magnitude of who they really are in relationship to God. Or the power that belongs to us all through Him. Or the immeasurable love He has for us. That is why we need the “speakers” of the world. To explain to people how to overcome and experience their lives to the fullest, With very specific words the Spirit inspires. A map of life-giving words if you will.
Isaiah desired to be in tune with God. He sought His counsel often and got very real answers. God loves to engage with us, we are designed for it, and I suspect much of what we need for our own journey is there for the asking. If you desire that your speech, your words, be used in service to others, try reading a verse from His Word like the one above before going to bed. Say ‘Goodnight’ to the Lord, by asking specifically for the words you need to join the speakers of truth and encouragement in our world. Then see if you don’t awaken with Him offering a ‘Good Morning’ back by giving you ordained words to share with others as you go through your day.
I’ve experienced this often and find that as I go through the day, He continues to “speak” to me. Sometimes it is a clear impression in my mind; sometimes His truth is wrapped in something else. The sound of another speaker’s voice who teaches me, then I teach another in turn. But the bottom line is He is with us completely and will find ways to explain the mystery of Himself; the one who wants us all to understand the depths of His love for us. It starts with us desiring and receiving the gifts He offers. He takes every step with us, speaking in a myriad of ways as we go. Let us always listen, learn and pass it on when we get the chance. It is a beautiful way of doing life for ourselves and enhancing the lives of others.
I love you dearly.  Be at peace with and in our Sovereign Lord. He has much to tell us.  ?
Poppa B.


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