“They that wait upon the Lord shall mount up with wings as Eagles…” Isaiah 40:31

A favorite book of many Christians, authored by a wonderful prolific writer, is Andrew Murray on Prayer. For this great teacher, prayer “was considered our personal home base from which we live out our Christian lives and extend ourselves to others.” I want to share with you a passage below from this beautiful work.

Believers are to live a heavenly life, in the very presence and love and joy of God. They are to live where God lives; they need God’s strength to rise there. It will be given to them that wait on Him. You know how the eagles’ wings are obtained. Only in one way — by the eagle birth. You are born of God. You have the eagles’ wings. You may not have known it; you may not have used them; but God can and will teach you how to use them. You know how the eagles are taught the use of their wings. See yonder cliff rising a thousand feet out of the sea. See high up a ledge on the rock, where there is an eagle’s nest with its treasure of two young eaglets. See the mother bird come and stir up her nest, and with her beak push the timid birds over the precipice. See how they flutter and fall and sink toward the depth. Now see how she ‘fluttereth over her young, spreadeth abroad her wings, taketh them, beareth them on her wings’ (Deut. 32:11) and so, as they ride upon her wings, brings them to a place of safety. And so, she does this once and again, each time casting them out over the precipice,and then again taking and carrying them….Yes, the instinct of that eagle mother was God’s gift, a single ray of that love in which the Almighty trains His people to mount as on eagles’ wings.

I love thinking about this. What peace it brings as we prayerfully and purposefully wait on God and trust Him to do His good work IN us. And I believe the best way for us to wait on God is to stay in close communion with Him in prayer. Let us join Andrew Murray in saying, “My soul, wait thou only upon God.”



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