Ukraine and its people need prayer. Let us unite for them.

??How sad it is to see a small country being savagely attacked by a huge country, its own neighbor, for no other reason than one man is consumed with lust to take the world backwards. A man insane with power and no regard for human life. It is impossible not to stand in awe at the resolve of the Ukrainian people as they fight so hard for their freedom… through tears we bear witness to and cry with them.

I am proud for the way the world has the desire to help and support them in as many ways as possible. The great unification sends an incredible message of hope.
I realize not everyone is condemning what Russia is doing, but most of the world certainly is. It is frustrating to not be able to do more because of our proximity to the situation but we can, as individuals, join our hearts and souls to the cause with perhaps the most powerful weapon of all… prayer.
Many of you are probably already praying for Ukraine and for their deliverance from this Russian onslaught. If not, I would encourage you to please join me and, I’m sure, throngs that are doing so throughout the world for this dire situation. We must pray for the Ukrainian people’s protection, for the supernatural ability to withstand the force of blows coming their way. We must pray for their wisdom in this war – wisdom that will lead to victory.
We must also pray for wisdom for those in Russia who are not for this crime against humanity. So many innocents are suffering to staggering degrees because of one man’s immoral quest.
I offer this prayer, “May God meet all needs of the Ukrainians and every innocent involved. May they be given supernatural favor, wisdom, and protection as they battle this formidable enemy. May they be surrounded by God’s mightiest angels in this hour of need and feel the support of the world around them. May those that seek their destruction be humbled and may their homeland be fully restored. May the freedom they’ve already fought so hard for be preserved. May they be given the courage Jesus speaks of in Mark 5:36 when he says ‘… be not afraid, only believe.’”
I sincerely pray we see a miracle come from our Lord to save Ukraine and bring them out of the clutches of this horror they are in.
Our God of Love is good, and He wants us to LOVE each other. Remember this truth that someone said: “Let us not tell our Lord how big the storm is, let us tell the storm how big our God is.”
He is Love. He is bigger than ANY situation. Let us look to Him to bring help to these people and all in need right now.
Let us believe that the goodness of our wonderful God of Love will prevail.? ?