“We begin our study of the first section of the incredible Book of Romans: ‘What to Believe’ as we are ‘Transformed by the renewing of our mind.”

As you know, Romans is broken into two sections by Paul.  Section one is called, “What to believe.”  Section two is “How to live it.”.  We have just completed our study of the second section of the Book of Romans – verses 12-1 thru 16-27.  I wanted to start with that section because in verse 2, of chapter 12 where this teaching begins, it starts with one of the greatest truths that Paul speaks.  It says  “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

In all that we study, and learn, this truth comes forth again, and again:  “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”  In many places, we are taught things that we believe are true, and we often have little to lead us to the actual truth, but when we see it, we know it.  As we hear Paul speak from his magnificent writings, truth comes to renew our mind.  We are then transformed. We literally become a new creation. This is the reason we must always be open to being changed – transformed – if we have only been given a partial truth we can be led astray, or into the wrong path.  Having a strong faith in what we believe is vital.  But if we are shown a truth, and it clears our mind to follow that truth, we should always be open to what our Lord wants to show us, and what He wants us to have to grow in.
This is, and certainly should be, something we are very careful about.  We should always be careful if someone is suggesting we change from what we have believed to be the truth, and we should always take it to the Lord for confirmation, or even consideration.  But if He reveals it is a new revelation from Him we should be ready for that new level.
Paul had heard that people from all over the world were being touched in this new Church at Rome by the people from the many different places, and countries that were in it.  We can rest assured the Holy Spirit was deeply and greatly touching those who were there putting it all together. It is thought the founders of this church came together at the Pentecost Festival held 50 days after the Passover Festival.  After 40 days from His resurrection, Jesus had ascended back to Heaven to take His place as King on the Throne of Grace, beside our Heavenly Father. Pentecost, was held 50 days after PassOver and the Holy Spirit came in power in a rushing mighty wind and Love as we see in Acts; to be God here on earth and bring the Spirit of Jesus, and Spirit of our Holy Father here to make mankind His Temple.  The Place of Worship was being transformed from a very ‘religious’ meeting place to a ‘spiritual’ meeting place as the Holy Spirit was given the power to come forth in unconditional Love, not Law.  This was a new way to worship. This was now a personal relationship.  This was now Father and Child relationship.  King and Personal Friend relationship.  This was like a flowing river bringing beauty and freshness to wherever it flowed. The time had come to be ‘transformed by the renewing of our mind.’ ?  There was a new Faith.  A new level.?


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