We’re still here… Now What?

Dear Ones,

We celebrated Thanksgiving last weekend and now find ourselves entering the season where we celebrate the child who came into the world to show us what Love looks like. ?

What a wonderful time it is to thankfully reflect on all of the treasures that are ours in that child who became our Christ Jesus.

We have so much to be THANKFUL for during this time, even as we continue to endure Covid. Sadly, we have lost many many people throughout the world to this horrible disease and, while we mourn them, we can simultaneously give THANKS to still be here today and rest in the knowledge that the Lord has a purpose in our presence. Let us use each day of that gift to bring glory to Him and to serve those in our life.

We who are still here are here for a reason. I do not know what it is in particular for each of you, but know that leaving our raw hearts open allows us to get closer to our purpose and helps us understand how to use each day for a “good.” That good may be large in scope if we help humanity at the national or global level or it may be small as we look to the needs of those right in front of us – our family and friends. But whatever we can do for the good of those in our lives should be done as we can.
To conduct ourselves as channels of help for our fellow man, in this time when humanity desperately needs to come together, allows others to live more fully so that they, too, can appreciate each day, as we get to ourselves. That ultimately aids in opening that connection of gratitude between us and our God which serves all of us by providing the gift He wants us to have most of all – PEACE. Peace in the knowledge that He loves us and holds us and has us even in the midst of our suffering and loss. What greater purpose could there be for any of us than to be used by God to keep showing what Love looks like? Serving becomes an honor then, doesn’t it?
As the Lord spoke through the Apostle John, as seen in John 3, verse 2, He said, “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.”
It is clear that His wish for us is that we prosper in all things. He wants good for us all. Each day we are given comes with His desire for us to live well and for us to reach others with His Love. Let us do that for those in our lives and on this planet in big or small ways, with all our body, soul, and spirit, as we celebrate all the many things we can and get to do for others, if we will answer the call to serve in these last few weeks of 2021 and as we move into 2022.
I pray for happiness for you and those in your life this holiday season, God’s Beloveds. I pray for peace that passes understanding for those of you entering this season with uncertainty or grief. Know that I care, whatever your circumstances are. Let us all attempt to bless one another, moment by moment, as we go forward. ?
Poppa B.


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