When Things Don’t Go as We Hoped …

Hello my Friends,?

Last week I asked you to pray for my very good friend, Tim Hoover. This week, I am very sad to say we have lost another fine gentleman to COVID. I am SO thankful for all of your prayers. Most of you did not know him, but because I asked you to, you prayed for his recovery just the same. THANK YOU. That comforted me and, I’m sure, comforts his family, as we begin the process of adapting to life without this special man among us. There were so many that lifted Tim to our Father but the answer was “no.” The story of David and the way he begged for the life of one of his children comes to mind. God’s answer was the same there and The Word speaks of a broken hearted David making himself go on. As we will have to. As so many throughout the world are having to do in the aftermath of this terrible disease once it touches their lives and they lose so much. It’s incredibly hard to understand but, still, we must trust in God’s divine plan. For all we do NOT understand, what we can know for certain is that our sovereign God is in control. Even when it hurts to unimaginable degrees. This pain is acute but He promises it is temporary. That is not necessarily consolation when we are in the midst of such profound loss but it is TRUTH we can cling to as we reach for an anchor in our desperation and grief.
We don’t know when it is our time or anyone else’s to leave this life but it is always sad – whenever it is. In this particular case, we have a man that was wonderful and full of life. But it was time for him to go Home. The Word also says that our God of Love prepares this time for us before we come to live this life. That we each have a number of days allotted. It is so important that we remember that each of those days is to be lived, every day, the best way we can with Him and in Him. Some days that is far from easy to do. But we know, even in the midst of our pain, that God loves us, holds us and cries with us in our losses. Remember when Jesus wept with Lazarus’ siblings? Even knowing their pain wouldn’t last long, He knew what they felt right then and it grieved Him. He knew they didn’t understand. Our pain grieves our Father.
But let us always remember these words from Philippians 2:13 where He said, “For it is God who works in you to will and act according to His Good Purpose.” Our God of Love has a a Good Purpose for our lives, and in ALL things that happen. We do not understand those things that hurt us here but we must find a way to trust them. We must trust Him and never forget He Loves us – as hard as that is to do at such times. When we get Home ourselves, our God will explain. Our pain will end and we will see purpose we cannot right now.
For any Magnolia folks that are interested, Tim’s service is to be on Saturday. It is at 10 A.M. in East Texas at the Shiloh Cemetery. This is at the corner of CR 3131 and Hwy 315 near Mount Enterprise, TX. Memories will be shared at Shiloh Baptist Church, right next to the Cemetery. All are invited and welcome to come celebrate Tim’s life.
I love each of you, dearly. Always remember how short this life is. Always remember the Lord works in each of us for a Good Purpose. Take care of one another throughout the trials of life. Let us give ourselves in service to Him now, when so many need us, and trust Him to bring everything together for all of those in our lives.
Poppa B.


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