Jesus said, “Everything is possible for One who Believes.” Mark 9:23

Hello Beloveds of God?

Recently I have been reading a chapter a night in the Gospels again. Having read them several times over the years since giving my heart to Jesus, our Savior and Messiah, in 1969, I never cease to be amazed at all of the beautiful miracles our Lord performed in the short time He walked as a man here on earth. He made the statement that “Everything is possible for One who Believes”, and illustrated it time and time again.
Changing water into aged wine was beautiful, but minor as we read about the many things He did after that. Feeding over 5,000 men plus their families who were with them with 5 small loaves, and 2 small fish was huge in terms of the number of people touched, but small when compared to raising a person from the dead who had been dead several days. He gave¬†sight to blind people who had been born blind, delivered others from evil ones who possessed them, and the list goes on and on. He proved again and again that when He said, “Everything is possible for One who believes,” this is exactly what He meant. Just as when He said, “Don’t be afraid, just Believe” (Mark 5:36), this is exactly what He meant. When we are faced with something we don’t understand, He asks us to not be afraid, “Just Believe.” Believe that the One who is in you, and over all things, and all people, has the power and the authority to do what must be done for us to live the life we are called here to live. As we believe His Word, and believe in His Love, we will find ourselves doing things we never dreamed we would do or see. We shall find ourselves calling out for things it will take a miracle of Jehovah¬†to bring forth; some of it He will do through us.
Someone said, “When we Believe in the King of Kings; when we walk in faith in Him that ALL things are possible by Him, we become highly favored, greatly blessed, and deeply loved and begin to ask for great things to come into our lives to share with others that before we gave no thought to. He said ASK; He said BELIEVE; He said RECEIVE. And these things shall be done for you. You are the vessel with which He can, and will, bless the many in your life as you Believe. You are blessed to be a blessing. Let it be so?.
Poppa B.
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