“The Lord delivers His Own.” Psalm 34

Hello Loves, ?

I have sentimental writings that I keep as I am sure you do. Each day as I am doing my Bible Study, I look back at a piece that blessed me in the past. I may have written it myself or it may be inspiration that came from someone else. But everything Glorifies our Great Lord of Love. It is all stacked together, so I never know which piece I will pull up. This morning as I looked, I saw something I want to share with you. A reminder of the things God sometimes does for us. I wrote it after I woke up one morning in 2014, knowing the world was different, then recognized some of what was happening from when I’d had a stroke a few years before. I wrote some notes as I got up:
May 15  “It seems as if I were hit with a light stroke last night. My left arm and left hand do not have the control”
May 16  “Having to retrain fingers to type. Must show them where the keys are.”
May 17  “Hand, fingers, arm – better. But still have to be watched. Hand and arm fall down if not focused on. Expecting total healing to “manifest.” I know I am already healed! Thank you Lord!”
May 19  “Better – Stronger – But, the Lord is reminding me of how frail the flesh is. He is my Strength, He is my Flesh, He is my Plan, He is my Provider – All is well as I look to Him every day, and throughout the day! He is my Great Shepherd – I shall not be in want!
May 22  ” Healed, and made Whole! Full use of hand and arm today.”  God is SO Good.
As I’d been reading Psalm 34 daily, which says “I SOUGHT THE LORD, AND HE HEARD ME, AND DELIVERED ME…” I was led by the Lord to receive all that He was telling me.  I received it. I was healed. I was good to go. He had totally delivered me. He is Wonderful.
I’m encouraged about God’s nature of goodness as I reflect back on what He showed me then. I encourage you to read this great Psalm, or any place the Lord leads you to today. Those impressions we feel as we read His Word are communications from our Creator. Always remember, our God of Love wants only the best for you, and is with you moment by moment as you walk in this life. He has paid a great price for you because you are of great value to Him. Receive all that He has for you. Love Him in all things as you go.?
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